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Captain Kermit T. Kirk Of The U.S.S Muppetprise [Muppet Cosplay]( 1Photos )
Scare Everyone You Know With This Official Weeping Angel Mask( 1Photos )
MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Gravity’ Is The Stuff of Cinema Legend( 1Photos )
In ‘They’re Still Making Those?’ News: Fourth ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Movie in Production( 1Photos )
Hayley Atwell “Definitely” Down for More ‘Agent Carter’; Confirms an Appearance in ‘The Winter Soldier’( 1Photos )
Was Grant Gustin the First Choice for The Flash?( 1Photos )
Nerdy Bits: David Tennant Sporting Hideous Ponytail, Death Star Soccer, The 7 (Literal) Hottest Cosplay, John Barrowman On Big Wheel & MOAR!!!( 13Photos )
Footage From ‘Godzilla’ Reboot is Here, Is Awesome( 2Photos )
‘The Hobbit’ – 1 Book, 3 Movies, and a $561 Million Budget So Far( 1Photos )
Newest ‘I, Frankenstein’ Trailer Gives Us All That Action and Mayhem Missing From Mary Shelley’s Original Novel( 1Photos )
Nerdy Bits: Harley Quinn in Latex, The Hobbit as Told by Thug, Wolverine Meets Dexter, Geek Vs Nerds Rap Battle, and MOAR!!!( 10Photos )
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘Gravity’ Twitter Rant: Science Rage of the Highest Caliber( 16Photos )
J.J. Abrams Talks Leaving ‘Trek” for ‘Wars’( 1Photos )
DayZ’s “Official” Alpha Was Even More Popular Than You Think( 1Photos )
And Your Next Publisher Of Star Wars Comics Is…( 1Photos )
Here’s A Humongous Poster Featuring Every Character Ever On ‘Futurama’( 3Photos )
Forget Jetpacks, Scientists Can Now Levitate Objects With Sound( 1Photos )
Dead Body Road #1: A Road Too Well-Travelled( 1Photos )
A Leak No More: 1st Official Image From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’( 2Photos )
Lazarus #5 Explores Life on the Edge During the Post-Apocaplypse( 1Photos )
Lovely Pin-Up Styled Captain America Cosplay by Katy Scarlett!( 9Photos )
The BAT-BLOG is The SITE OF THE WEEK At The AMC TV Channel Website!( 2Photos )
LEAST I COULD DO Webcomic Pokes Fun at Batman & The DC Universe( 3Photos )
New Merchandise: BATMAN 2009 WALL CALENDAR( 3Photos )
THE DARK KNIGHT Hits France and the Philippines!!( 2Photos )
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