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What do you think of all the hate Nintendo has received over their new console Wii U? Andre The Black Nerd put together this funny rant that addresses the all the criticisms, from long updates to the games released for the new system. Let me know your comments below if you feel the Wii U will be awesome or if you think it will suck… and why!
Do You Hate The Wii U? Andre The Black Nerd Has Some Words For You!
App stores are everywhere, and each and every manufacturer is competing to grab a slice of the pie. What does this mean for the PS4? Will it have a disc drive? This article thinks not. Here’s why. Apple has recently made a big scene of declaring disc drives – once the staple for portable media transfer – as ‘legacy technology’. Looking at it academically, it’s easy to see why: discs are less durable and can hold less than USB drives, cloud hosting is doin...
Why The PS4 Won’t Have A Disc Drive: What The Rise Of The Tablet PC Has Taught Us About Legacy Technology
When Wrex and Mordin Campaigned For Presidency – NYCC 2012( 3Photos )
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