“Crusher” Gets a Batman Tattoo & then, a Few More!!( 8Photos )
Photo: BATMAN and THE JOKER TATTOOS Inspired By Jim Lee Comic Book Artwork!( 3Photos )
TATTOO ART PHOTO : Batman and Joker Playing Card from The Original KILLING JOKE Graphic Novel( 2Photos )
Three Star Trek Insignias In One Tattoo( 1Photos )
BATMAN TATTOO ART PHOTOS: Bat-Symbol Logo & Scarecrow Villain!( 3Photos )
Batman Tattoos: JOKER / HEATH LEDGER TRIBUTE( 3Photos )
Batman Fan Calling For All Tattoo Artists & Creative People( 1Photos )
TATTOO ART: Special BATMAN and ROBIN Photos( 4Photos )
cosplay( 1Photos )
BATMAN TATTOO: The Bat-Villain RIDDLER!( 2Photos )
Vintage 1970’s BATMAN COMIC BOOK LOGO Tattoo Art Photo!!( 2Photos )
Photo: CATWOMAN TATTOO ART By Artist Josh Reynolds( 2Photos )
Photo: BATMAN TATTOO ART – Bat-Symbol Logo( 1Photos )
James’ Special BATMAN and “ROBIN” Tattoo Art( 1Photos )
Loyal’s BATMAN & SUPERMAN TATTOO ART Photo( 3Photos )
Batman Finds Himself Somewhere New And Exciting [Tattoo]( 1Photos )
Gary’s Amazing HARLEY QUINN and THE JOKER Tattoo Art Photos( 3Photos )
Carlos’ BATMAN ARKHAM CITY JOKER Tattoo Art( 2Photos )
GOTHAM CITY BATMAN TATTOO – Inspired by Jim Lee’s Art in HUSH Book( 2Photos )
Intense 3D Venom Chest Tattoo( 1Photos )
Welcome to Hogwarts! [Tattoo]( 1Photos )
Cosplay and an amazing Sailor Moon Tattoo( 1Photos )
Starwars darthvader cosplay$tattoo( 1Photos )
Steal away( 1Photos )
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